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Stereo Atlas

Slit Lamp

Retina Blues

Ophthalmic Photography;
Retinal Photography, Angiography and Electronic Imaging

New to This Edition
Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (SLO)
Photographing for multi-center trials
Retcam & wide angle pediatric imaging
Latest on digital imaging & ICG angiography

Improve your ophthalmic photography! Learn basic & advanced techniques in fundus photography, retinal and choroidal angiography, and electronic imaging. Your best resource for the OPS and JCAHPO certification exams.

Aimed at both novices and established ophthalmic photographers, the new edition of this highly-praised, best-selling text is both a practical how-to guide and an invaluable source of practical tips to improve your photography skills. Updated and expanded, it provides you with step-by-step instructions for performing fundus photography, fluorescein and ICG angiography, using both digital and film.

Filled with practical suggestions from the authors' many years of experience, basic (obtaining sharp fundus photographs and optimal camera positioning) and advanced (stereo imaging and targeting focus to precise layers of the retina) techniques are explained and illustrated.

The reader will understand the uses, properties, and potential adverse reactions of sodium fluorescein and indocyanine green. Important film and electronic angiography concepts are discussed and easy to follow instructions for fluorescein and ICG angiography are included.

Review Excerpts from the second edition:

“...a major achievement...”
Archives of Ophthalmology

“...the standard textbook for ophthalmic photography by which all others are measured for years to come.”
Journal of Ophthalmic Photography

“...an excellent text and resource for photography students, working photographers of all levels of expertise, ophthalmic technicians, nurses, and physicians...”
Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers, & Imaging

Review excerpts from the first edition:

“...an indispensable reference...” and
“I heartily recommend this book...”
American Journal of Ophthalmology

“...the most comprehensive textbook on ophthalmic photography; it is certainly the most up to date regarding electronic imaging...”
Archives of Ophthalmology

“...should be in the hand of every student and on the shelf of every ophthalmic practice.”
Journal of Ophthalmic Nursing & Technology

“...readable style with profuse, relevant, high quality illustrations.”
Journal of Biomedical Imaging

“I can recommend this book without reservation...”
Journal of Ophthalmic Photography

Ophthalmic Photography:
Retinal Photography, Angiography, and Electronic Imaging

Hardcover 398 pages
ISBN 0-7506-7372-9
plus shipping

Ophthalmic Photography; Retinal Photography, Angiography and Electronic Imaging