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Practical Retinal


Stereo Atlas

Slit Lamp

Retina Blues

Your New Guide to Great Fundus Photography & Digital Imaging!

The Basics: History, Anatomy, and the Fundus
How To: Step-by-Step Fundus Photography for Mydriatic
& Non-Myd Cameras
Understand: Stereo Fundus Photography
Digital Imaging: the basics you need to know
Practical Strategies: for high quality image capture & output

Get started in fundus photography with the experience of the professionals. Producing quality fundus photographs requires more than just a camera; it also calls for substantial knowledge and skill.

Inside this practical resource, you'll find all the step-by-step guidance you need to achieve optimal results with both traditional and non-mydriatic fundus cameras. Full-color illustrations show you how to proceed and demonstrate the difference that proper technique can make.

Wether you are working with a traditional film or a digital fundus camera, you'll master the methods that seasoned professionals use to produce sharp, well-focused retinal photographs. You'll also discover how to most effectively capture, process, and output digital images.

In short, Practical Retinal Photography and Digital Imaging Techniques is the ideal way to build your fundus photography skills!
Practical Retinal Photography
Digital Imaging Techniques

Hardcover 210 pages
Twin Chimney Publishing
ISBN 0-7506-7371-0
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