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OPS: Annual & Mid-year Educational Program

NEOPS: Annual CE & Ski; Dartmouth Hitchcock, Lebanon, NH

Ophthalmic Photographers

PJ Saine Blue Plate Press

Marshall Tyler in Optic Nerve MarshallTyler.com - OPS-04 Photos


MontaguePhoto.com MontaguePhoto.com - Paul Montague

Alf Whyte

Educational Resources

Ophthalmic Educational Links

AAO - Schedule

American Society of Veternary Ophthalmology

Atlas of Ophthalmology

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Columbia University - Digital Reference of Ophthalmology


eMedicine.com - SL

Fundus Photography Reading Center - Madison, WI

Handbook of Ocular Disease Management

ICOP: International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography

Online Journal of Ophthalmlogy (Dr. Machemer)

Ophthalmic Imaging Association - UK (BOPA) - w/ Listserv

Ophthalmic Links - by Iowa University

Ophthalmic Photographers' Society

Ophthalmology Management

Ophthalmology Resource Center by Pharmacia

Optimal - Ophthalmic Photographers' Discussion (maintance)


Red Atlas - visual review of ophthalmic disorders

Transportation Security Adminstration - traveling with film

WebVision - Organization of the Retina & Visual System

Commercial Links

Angiographics, Inc. - Angiolith film

Air Photo Supply - stereo slide viewer

B & H Photo

Butterworth-Heinemann - books

Canon Camera - Retinal Camera sales - Diabetic screening software

Choices For Service in Imaging, Inc. - Tony Pugliese

CRG Precision Electronics - Authorized Carl Zeiss Alt. Service Provider

Digital Healthcare: Image Management Systems (diabetic screening)

Dimension Technologies, Inc. - 3D (stereo) computer monitors

EyePhotoGear DotCom

EyeQ Education - ophthalmic tech training

EyeSupply USA, Inc.

For-Sight of Florida - Retinal cameras, new and used

Haag Streit, USA

JirehDesign.com - Eye Illustrations

JMC Eye Photo - Photo courses & Rural Eyeglasses Project

Justice Ophthamics / Ophthalmic & Ophthalmic Photography Supplies

Kowa USA

Kestrel Corporation

Lite Source, Inc - Lamps

Loreo Corp. - Stereo viewers, stereo lens adapters

MRP Group, Inc. - Imaging Systems

Macsen Laboratories - Fluorescein Sodium

Massie Laboratories, Inc. - RetCam

Medibell - Panoret

Microscope Store - eyepiece photo-adapters

MegaVision - high resolution sensors

National Instrument Service - Igor Gaufman (service)

Nidek - fundus cameras - 3Dx stereo

Nikon USA

Ophthalmic Imaging Systems, "OIS" - Imaging systems Ophthalmic Imaging Systems

OptiBrand - Retinal scanning ID for cow eyes

Photographic Solutions - CCD Sensor cleaners

Precision Optical Machine - Retinal Imaging

Premier Ophthalmic Services, Inc. - Michael Ryan

Serar Photography - flash tubes, used cameras

Spectrotech, Inc. - Interference Filters

StereoGraphics Corporation - LCD stereo glasses, stereo monitors

Trac Industries, Inc. - Slide Typer

Topcon USA - Fundus cameras

TTI Medical: Photo-adapters

WillowDBS - Clinical Database Imaging System - Joe Warnicki - eMail

Wilson Ophthalmic - stereo slide viewer, arm board

XZamNet - lenticular stereo imaging

Zeiss - Fundus cameras, OCT

ZTekSoft - ophthalmic and stereo creation software

Other Resources

3D by Dan Shelley

American Society of Media Photographers - Copyright

How to Create Stereo Anaglyphs - TwinChimney.com

Phase One - Imaging software

Photo-3D mailing list - archive

Pinhole Camera

Scanning Tips

Stereo viewer, parallel, Screen Vu


Lennart Nilsson - Award - books

Eye Of Science.com - "color" scanning electron micrographs

The Joy of Visual Perception - online book

Internet Health Directory - Ophthalmology