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Stereo Atlas of Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiogrphy

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Stereo Atlas of Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiogrphy

Awarded annually by the Publishers Marketing Association (PMA), in 2000 the Benjamin Franklin Award was presented to the Stereo Atlas of Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography in the Professional/Technical category.

Put on a pair of colored stereo glasses, then click on "Samples" to sample the stereo images!

Stereo anaglyph atlas
Up to date review of angiographic patterns in retinal disease
Compares phases of FA & ICG-A
Add a new dimension to angiography
Includes 3D glasses

The first anaglyphic atlas of ophthalmic angiography, this book is filled with three-dimensional fluorescein and ICG angiography case studies accompanied by insightful diagnostic interpretation.

More than just an atlas, the first chapter explains angiographic interpretation with discussion on basic retina-choroidal anatomy, pattern recognition, and the phases of fluorescein and ICG angiography. The second chapter teaches stereo angiography techniques.

The remainder of the book is devoted to the description of individual cases illustrated with stereo images and commentary. Each selected case includes both regular photographs and 3-D angiograms showing diagnostic details in the early, middle, and late phases of the passage of the dye through the eye.

The inclusion of stereographic and diagnostic information, much of it in the form of tables and lists, makes this a truly comprehensive clinical resource.

What Others are Saying:

“Great stuff!"
"...I had fun with this atlas.” and
“I recommend this book for residents and fellows...”
Survey of Ophthalmology

“...the most impressive aspect of this atlas is the demonstration of a technique which may become a standard in years ahead.”
and “...this atlas is highly recommended...”

Stereo Atlas of
Fluorescein and
Indocyanine Green Angiography

Hardcover 148 pages
ISBN 0-7506-7001-0
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