Do you want to create your own anaglyph images?

Stereo Atlas of Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography
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How to Create Stereo Anaglyphs - The Basics:

Rule #1: Keep the tones in your images since white or black will be seen equally by both eyes. You need greys to be able to be assigned a color of cyan or red.

Working in Photoshop -

Open your Left and Right images (they must be the same magnification).

Make both images RGB (Image, Mode, RGB Color)

Select the Channels view (Window, Channels)

Go to the Left image, Red Channel and select all. Copy this Red Channel from the Left image (Ctrl-C).

Go to the Right image, Red Channel and Paste the contents of the clipboard into the right image's red channel (Ctrl-V).

Your anaglyph image is now together so save it under a NEW filename. Close the other (Left) image.

View all of the channels (RGB) with you Red-Cyan anaglyph glasses.

Now is the time to fine-tune the image:

You may need to move the new Red Channel to achieve alignment and place it into the stereo window (depth to be seen behind the window frame, or in front of the frame, or some of each).

You may also need to adjust the Levels and Curves of the Channels to have both images equally prested to the eyes.

Since many stereo images are unevenly exposed, you may also need to adjust the images for even tonal brightnesses.

Don't forget that you can select both the Green and Blue Channels so that you can work on both of them together.

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