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Book Review:

Practical Retinal Photography and Digital Imaging Techniques
Reviewed by Chris Barry, Managing Editor:

The Journal of Ophthalmic Photography

Practical Retinal Photography and Digital Imaging Techniques was jointly written by Marshall E. Tyler, CRA, FOPS, Patrick Saine, Med, CRA, FOPS and Timothy J. Bennett, CRA, FOPS, who are well known experts in the field of ophthalmic imaging.
This is a soft cover book, 210 pages in length from Butterworth Heinemann (ISBN 0-7506-7371-0:US $59.95) This book provides readers with “need to know information” on ophthalmic photography for both clinicians and photographers. With over 255 full-color illustrations, it covers aspects of retinal, fundus and digital imaging in a handy sized book.

Inside there is a step-by-step guide to achieve high quality retinal images. Full-color illustrations show you how to proceed whether you are working with traditional or non-mydriatic cameras. Profusely illustrated with diagrams and reminder tables, the text is well organised, descriptive and easy to follow. There are seven chapters of practical information on the history of ophthalmic photography, anatomy of the eye and fundus camera, fundus photography, challenging patients, stereo photography, and descriptive interpretation. Chapters 8, 9 and 10 contain information about getting started in digital imaging, capturing, processing and outputting information to printers and other devices.

Whether you are just getting started in the field, or trying to stay abreast of the latest technologies, you undoubtedly will find this book a handy guide. There is even information on how to enhance your PowerPoint presentations using digital imagery. Tyler et al have written a timely and well-researched textbook encompassing new information on digital technology. This is a well written book and is a welcome addition to their previous high quality stable of text books on ophthalmic imaging. In short, the book: Practical Retinal Photography and Digital Imaging Techniques, is the ideal way to build your fundus photography skills. It also answers many of the questions needed to navigate, purchase and install expensive equipment in this digital age. ________________________________________
Practical Retinal Photography
Digital Imaging Techniques

Hard cover 210 pages
ISBN 0-7506-7371-0
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